[Verse 1:]
Standin in the nooks I\'m like look what I did
I like the view of how it looks, I get a boon for my kids
If you didn\'t know I\'m \'bouta be father of "Nickson"
And his twin sister gon look just like Nick\'s mom
My killah-flow just kill \'em all
I\'m in love with trees so I keep \'em greenish as in Singapore
And my pockets stay greener than the silage is
Believe me "love doesn\'t exist here" like the Mirages
Haha! I\'m good at me - excellent
Get rid of these fools like poop and pee - excrements
Put me in any battle, I crash all of it like tomatoes
Tater ain\'t gator so I\'ll smash all of \'em like potatoes
Not for salad, not a ballast
Heavy weight champion, my heavy metal got me balanced
The only real contenders are "Jason and Freddy"
Bitch I get crazier than "Ed Edd n\' Eddy"

[Verse 2:]
Welcome to the jungle
Livin in without a struggle
I got a lotta swags which means I got a lotta buckoz
Shout out to my uncles and niggas we used to hustle/
Together to get it poppin, now we rockin like we "Rambo"
Music showed the path, life in all directions
Fuck the compass, I get mine in five ways like the "Jacksons"
Gimme contacts, I wanna reach my accent
My life a movie so all you see is camera lights and actions
Yo problems got answers, my solutions got questions
My absence just died, find me buryin it when I\'m not present
Before money talks tell \'em bitches maintain the silence
Then get rid of every word like main plan in science
She\'s phoney she\'s fake, she know he\'s real
Tupac back, he no \'Meek Mill\'
Doin it big, he Notorious, Big Sean, Big Phil
"Naeto C" in this muthafucka, "Kino" Big Deal

[Verse 3:]
Only time they this good is when they daydream
Now temme something that I ain\'t seen
I am clean, such a great thing
Call me CYCLONIC the god, and King
And I give a damn about the drama that you may bring
All my bitches stay slim like "K-Lynn"
I\'m the next Em\', bring the apes in
Chambigaz the Genius - A-Team
Fuck the hater talkin \'cause what they be talkin \'bout\'s hate
All this money come in when I\'m rappin, I ain\'t even gotta count, wait/
You wouldn\'t hear me rappin if this beat wasn\'t by ACE
HiiiPower, and I\'d rather try harder - my faith
Them ghetto kids my fellowship
That yellow bitch my specialist
I\'m scheduling so watch me pedaling to where my level is, that\'s rebelling
I\'m settled with this mental trip
Petrol drips, that\'s devilish
Terrorists make pebbles squeak and metals speak
Hello pricks! ...


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