Zillnass Zillnass (Clown Rapper)

CHORUS:Mavi ya kale hayanuki, so huwezi kinukisha kama uljinyea juzi/Hii ndo breaking nyuzi, the way u be acting, you should quit rappin, and try Bongo movie/Mavi ya kale hayanuki, so where is your new hit, you wanna go against me are you stupid/The crowd switched from Zilla to Billnass/And now you wanna be him, Zillnass Zillnass/VERSE:This nigga tryna be American so bad/But he will never go to America, so sad/Hawezi kupata Visa, labda liwe Yai/Chaajabu pia jamaa hajui kutema Yai/Ana tatizo la lafudhi, L na R/Namzidi kwa ujuzi, na mi ni mtoto wa Mara/Supposedly, I'm supposed to be the one with thick accent/Mngoni mi hanioni, can't beat me even by accident/Called Godzilla cause he ugly a wild beast/I'm lyrically King Kong, what type of kingdom, that he from, I'm askin/King gani uwezo wa kitwana/Far from real, nigga please you just a wanna, be/Can't beat me when I'm free, styling on you niggas/You can ask Zolla D, Salasala nakinukisha/Unatiwa stress na, Billnass Billnass/And now you wanna be him, I guess you just Zillnass/Ulitaka kupanda juu, Marco Chali akakupa lifti/Na ukafika kwa kuujiita the new 50/Mara Westside, Mara I get high/Hii ni kanda Maalum ya Mara, nasema hauna verse kali/Nigga you bitchin, Transvestite, na hauna verse tight/My rap appetite, is fiendin for fakers like you, my best diet/Kindergarten rapper, u can't mess na mwanazuon/King of biting rappers, ain't got a style of your own/I'm a beast a big tittle, with which I could beat rivals/But I'm hip hops messiah and this is the revival/Reincarnation of the twelve deciples/I rebuke you In the name of Jesus, kudadadako/Fake ass nigga, you don't deserve no titles/Huwezi ku freestyle, go work on consonants, and vowels/I got it down pat, u should look up to me like yo idol/Wanna be 50, Wanna be Drake, you aint my rival/I'm the new King "where my crown at"/hilarious than Chris tucker, u belong in a circus where the clowns at/I'm the nigga who run rap/So cross my path, I mo get u finished in one lap/My Exs umemlipa to appear in your video/She a hustler and your Ex calls me dear, she a pretty girl/bora uende home umlee mtoto wako/Nisije mla his mom, aishie kuniita mi baba na we anko/ ...

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