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I was born in Dar es salaam, Tanzania at Muhimbili National Hospital and grew up in Ubungo Kinondoni District in Dar es salaam Region. Singing was my passion I started singing way back at church Sunday school,I studied at Msewe primary school and completed my Primary education in 2003. I always Ioved everything associated with airplanes and at a time wanted to be an air hostess but always my peers criticized my idea,I later joined Kenton High School up to form 3 then completed my Secondary O level at Msigani Secondary School both in Dar es salaam.Since I really liked to sing my cousin who also was in the Music career and was opening up his new studio by then and since he thought I could make a good singer I recorded a full album of gospel with 10 songs.After I had completed my secondary Education I went to Mbeya Region South of Tanzania to visit my relatives as I was waiting for my results. I made some friends in Mbeya and often we listened to Clouds FM a local station in Tanzania. We heard they were searching for youth with talent where you call them and they record your vocals then people vote who is the best singer amongst those who auditioned. My friends encouraged me to call because they thought I was a good singer, we used to sing together during our free time.I joined Tanzania House of Talent (THT) in 2008 where I studied music and graduated in 2009 attaining a certificate in music. I recorded and released my first song in the year 2009 “Atatamani”Which received abundant airplay in Tanzania later released a duet “Wrong Number” feat Barnaba and afterwards another single “Bora Nikimbie.” Which did very well in the entire East Africa region and beyond. It enabled me to receive the award of the Best Female singer of the year 2010 at the Kilimanjaro Music Awards, and Best Upcoming artist General 2010.In the year 2011 our organization was invited by Malaria no more and Usher Raymond Foundation to the United States of America in Atlanta Georgia on a youth convention where I was among the artist who were chosen to represent my country. We travelled to New York to perform in support of the U.S 1st lady Laura Bush walk of charity to support orphans. In the year 2012 I travelled to the U.S. on my solo project and performed in the cities of New York, Boston, Washington DC, Ohio and Auckland California afterwards I went to the United Kingdom and performed in London, Coventry and Birmingham city. ...

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